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My Career

Dmetri Smith-Nevels
Savannah, GA

This is my tenth year in the classroom, and I have taught all core high school Social Studies courses. For most of my career, I have worked as a gifted instructor. Throughout all of my years as an educator, I have helped students who could not read on grade level, struggled with reading comprehension, or who were visual learners and needed a bit of extra help. Most of my career has been spent in Georgia, but I have also taught in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since 2002, I have worked at Sylvan Learning Center in Savannah and Charlotte. Being a tutor with Sylvan has allowed me to do what I rarely can in a classroom settingówork with students one-on-one to help them reach their educational goals. After working with a classroom of 30 or more students all day, being able to really discuss problematic content with just a few students is invigorating and reaffirming. Standardized tests, for better or worse, have become a way of life in American public education. I am well acquainted with the material on tests such as the End of Course Test in Economics and U.S. History and the Social Studies portion of the Georgia High School Graduation Test. While no teacher can tell a student exactly what items will be on the test, there are ways to study for these tests to ensure the best results. Those are the study habits I would like to instill in your student.